May 31

Spywares can be a real pain and if you don’t know, how much it can affect your computer, just say hello to Bonzi Buddy, your friendly neighborhood gorilla and you will know exactly what we are talking about.  There is no doubt that Spywares are like a threat to privacy of most of the Internet users, especially if they download software, which has a Spyware bundled up with it. Now obviously, the truth is going to hurt because if you’ve accidentally downloaded a Spyware program, you will suffer with it for the rest of your life, unless of course, you plan to do something about it, say something like using a software that could help you get rid of the Spywares off your computer systems, once and for all.

Getting rid of these annoying programs can be really confusing because identifying the Spywares itself poses as a great challenge for most of the users. That’s because, Spywares are perfectly bred, so that they can hide from the users, thereby making it impossible for the user to detect them manually. So, how exactly can you put a stop to these Spywares invading your computer and needless to say, your personal privacy?


This is exactly, where Anti Spywares are brought into picture. Anti Spywares are perhaps the only options available, in order to get rid off the spywares infecting your computer. Spywares like CounterSpy and SpyDoctor are perfect with respect to keeping your computer free from any spywares or even adwares for that matter. Given below are some of the ways to protect your computer from any Spyware threats:


In case of any free downloads, taking precautions in that matter could come a long way. For example, reading the terms and conditions, identifying any unusual activity, etc. This would mean, downloading softwares and other related content from trusted and reputable websites, which assure that all of their products are Spyware free. For example, downloading content from would be a good option, since they guarantee that all their products are free from any Spyware threat.


One of the best ways to protect your computer from any threats would be getting off Internet Explorer. That’s because, Internet Explorer is more prone to spywares and adwares. Therefore, switching over to other browsers, such as Opera and Firefox would be a good option in that respect.  


Opting for different operating systems, such as Linux or even Macintosh could help you with respect to keeping your computers clean from Spywares and even other malicious threats for that matter. That’s because, Spywares are generally known to attack Microsoft applications more than any other systems. This can be seen in the case of automatic download of programs like the Windows Media Player, which may be necessary to view some video files. In some cases, it is also seen that, when the video files are unable to play, they prompt for immediate downloads for the latest codec program, which may come bundled up with Spywares. This is rarely seen, in case like other operating systems like Linux and Macintosh.


Maintaining caution, when it comes to file sharing through peer-to- peer networks should be given the first priority with respect to protecting your computers from spywares and malwares.

Another important tip to protect your computers from any unwanted threats would be to use at least two Anti Spywares. This could come a long way, when it comes to detecting and removing any causes of suspicious pop-up or security warnings.


Not all Anti Spywares are adept at detecting each and every threat encountered and removing them permanently. There may be some blind spots that your trusty Anti Spyware may have missed during its usual scan, i.e., cookies, temporary files, etc. Therefore, having two Anti Spywares may just prove to be the best thing to quarantine any unwanted file bundled with a Spyware, thereby keeping your computer safe.


Spywares are unwanted programs and your PC is better left far off from them. Although the Spyware trend has established itself, all thanks to the Internet, following some of the above mentioned tips would help you keep an eye for these threats.  

May 30

Hi Guys,


I had a few people email me asking me about Free Registry Cleaners, so I decided to write this next post about those…

Free Registry Cleaners
By Jason Roddick


Installing a Registry Cleaner can certainly help speed up your computer and boost its performance. But, in case you do not have the requisite funds or if you are just a bit skeptical, then it would be better, if you first try out any of the Free Registry Cleaners that might be available. However, since not all Free Registry Cleaners offer the same benefits, its recommended that you conduct a proper review of the available Free Registry Cleaners before actually downloading and installing any one of them on your computer. For better understanding, let us discuss some of the most vital issues related to Free Registry Cleaners.


Are Free Registry Cleaners really effective?


Well, for that you have no other option, but to download and test each one of them on your own. However, since this is not feasible practically, it is advisable that you make your decisions based on inputs and feedbacks provided by actual users. The main thing that you should always remember here is that most of the Free Registry Cleaners can never deliver the same benefits as might be available through a paid Registry Cleaner software. This is applicable even for those Free Registry Cleaners that might have received the best feedbacks and inputs from actual users.


So, why opt for a Free Registry Cleaner?


It is true that most of the Free Registry Cleaners available on the Internet are nothing more than pieces of junk. But, you can still exercise your options because what is also true is that a select few are in fact really good and do the promised job. All you have to do is keep searching, until you find free software that might just work, as well as paid software.


Are there any generic problems?


Well, you see, basically it all depends on your perceptions. No doubt, there are some generic problems with most Free Registry Cleaners, but how they affect you and your computer is the thing that determines the gravity of the problem. For example, the problem that afflicts most of the Free Registry software is, that it is very difficult to determine their effectiveness. This happens because most benefits accrue in the form of timesavings that are usually no more than a few seconds. So, your files may actually be opening more quickly and your programs may have started working faster, after using the Free Registry Cleaner. But, since the difference is often just a few seconds, it’s ultimately your perceptions that decide, whether or not the software is really effective. A few seconds saved every time a file opens or a program is executed may not make much difference to the average user, but for people who really value their time, it is always precious.


Are there any grave risks?


Well, the risks are quite obviously there, considering the fact that the Internet is currently infested with all types of dubious software programs containing undesirable elements such as viruses, adware, spyware, malware, Trojans, worms and many other types of malicious codes that can easily compromise your privacy. It means, that if you are not careful, you can easily become a victim of cyber crime. This is why you need to be extra careful, while downloading free stuff from the Internet.


What is the best option that’s still available for free?


If you do not have the requisite funds right now, but still want the best, it’s recommended that you go for the limited-period trial versions of popular Registry Cleaners. Look for a free trial version that offers the maximum benefits and user-friendly options such as automatic registration on payment.


Some of the Free Registry Cleaners really work well. But, if you are someone who expects much more than just a few seconds saved here and there, then you should definitely go for a paid Registry Cleaner. If you still have doubts, just download the free trail version and see for yourself.


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